Berisha: We protest on the boulevard “Martyrs of the Nation”

15:47 04/12/2022

“The police should not provoke, they will face the opposition. Woe to Rama and Chuçi”

There is no retreat from the Democrats’ stance on the December 6 protest. The head of the democrats responded to the police, who expressly prohibited the opposition from gathering due to security measures for the EU summit, saying that he will be in the square with the citizens to protest on “Dëshmorët e kombit” Boulevard at 12:00.

“There is no road that can be blocked except the area where they gather, which we have no intention of doing. But the decision is to protest in the city. If the police are ordered to face the opposition, they make the most wrong decision. The opposition has no battle it does not win”.

He guaranteed the progress of the protest, warning Prime Minister Rama not to provoke the citizens called to the rally.

“We are more interested than Edi Rama in the safety of the European leaders and the maintenance of the summit. Alas, Rama and Chuçi. I tell Edi Rama that the democrats protest in the city, in the square, but they know very well that the source of the blacks is in Surrel”

He agrees with Prime Minister Rama only on one point when he talks about the historical importance of the summit of European leaders that will be held on December 6 in Tirana, but he clearly separates when he talks about the connections that, according to Berisha, the head of the government has with drug crime gangs. causes for which the opposition has also called the protest.

“This summit is blessed because it gives the opposition people the opportunity to testify to the hosts what a great disaster the host Edi Rama represents, who sits at a table with them on a chair that stands above crime, drugs and the stolen vote. There would be no more brilliant opportunity to do the full autonomy, the autopsy, of this regime in front of 1,000 journalists from the world and the main leadership of Europe”.

Berisha says that the opposition’s protest is an extremely important moment to protest, as it will testify before the European leaders in addition to the hospitality of the opposition people, as well as Prime Minister Rama’s vassalage towards Serbia and Russia.