December 6 protest, Berisha: Rama is afraid that the protesters will condemn him in front of Europe

21:52 04/12/2022

For Sali Berisha, the protest of December 6 is vital to raise one’s voice before Europe and the world.

“I was in the campaign, I am in the campaign. We have been in protest, we will be in protest. This has been a year that has been campaigned more than ever. Campaigns and protests will continue. ..We can leave everything, but stop only on the way the Troika of the descendants of the executioners of the Albanian people, Rama-Balluku-Çuçi, handled the opposition protest, proves for every Albanian, that that protest is vital to show, for him raise your voice in front of Europe and the world about what they are. Read a little about what the minister of drugs wrote, who tells him firmly that in parliament tomorrow, or in the square, I will give you new information about him, about the opposition which honors Albania with its protest in every free country… Read a little of what they wrote. They are the face of the mafia that day. They are the mafia, we are the real Albanians that day in the square”.

Asked how they will enter the Boulevard at a time when it will be surrounded by police officers, Berisha said that the Boulevard is not a security zone and that in fact Edi Rama is afraid that the protesters will enter the Prime Minister’s office and brandish him in front of his eyes of Europe.

“The boulevard has nothing in common with the security zone. The security zone exists, but not where Edi Rama says. It’s totally a horror of it. He is afraid that the non-protesters will join the prime minister and will brand him in front of the eyes of Europe. The boulevard belongs to the protesters. They have in mind that the safety of their friends cannot be questioned in any way.”/broread