Berisha reveals details: We are looking forward to the protest on the boulevard

19:48 05/12/2022

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held a meeting with the residents of branch 2 in Tirana. He spoke about the protest that the Democratic Party will hold the next day. He said that the democrats are looking forward to the protest on the “Dëshmorët e Kombit” boulevard.

The chief democrat emphasized that the protest does not under any circumstances threaten the safety of European friends and this only happens from Edi Rama’s mafia clans. The head of the blue headquarters also revealed some details from tomorrow’s protest. He said that there will be banners and slogans in English, while the national, European, American and DP flags will also be part of it.

“This fierce enemy of the vote, freedom and existence of Albanians has been doing everything to sabotage our protest for 4 days. Once he officially informed the schools that there will be no school on the day of the summit. He informed the administration the next day that it is a day off. He brought it all back because he saw that they would pour into the square against the government. Now, as if the country was attacked from all four sides, it announces that this road axis, this highway, or that highway will be closed. I am here to appeal to Albanians, from Konispoli to Tropoja. To greet you that thousands and thousands entered Tirana this morning and during the afternoon. But others also leave everything and head towards Tirana. They knock on you every time they come to every democratic door, we welcome you, tomorrow together in protest. Let the world know that we do not submit, that we are free people, ready to defend our dignity and to show Europe and the world that this monist regime has no other code than the code of the mafia, theft, robbery and violence .

These hours that separate us, that we are looking forward to the protest on Boulevard Dëshmorët e Kombit. We will all be there. We do not threaten in any case, under any circumstances, the safety of our friends who have come to Albania. On the contrary, the threat to everything is the mafia clans of Edi Rama and himself. We protest as free people, to prove to them that no means prevents us without protesting as is protested in their streets and squares in every summit, but the problem of their citizens is hundreds of times smaller than what we have However they come out. So let’s do what we can, what we have. Tomorrow, slogans, banners, English as a whole have been prepared, this time we have friends. You will see them yourself, they are fantastic. Edi Rama is presented as he is, in all forms. Some of them speak like a speech. That’s why other young people come and take them, with national flags, with European flags, with American flags, with DP flags, fill the boulevard and make our voice heard in the region, in Europe and around the world. the world”, said Berisha.

The chief democrat said that the battle is only against Edi Rama and his efforts to present Albania to Europe as if it were Belarus. He invited citizens to join the protest the next day.

“Deep down, if you take it, they actually fear the summit, Europe, its values. Already stuck in the code of the mafia, the practices of the mafia, every kind of light terrifies them. Therefore, if you have noticed, the one who can be called the mafia prime minister of the Albanians, the first thief of Albania, he has lost his way and only deals with roadblocks and information that we are blocking this road, that road We will allow it, we will block that square, etc., etc. Tomorrow, we have a battle with this person, yes with his attitudes, yes with his attempt to present Albania to Europe as if it is Belarus, as if it is Cuba, as if it is a country where people are oppressed and cannot stand up protest. But tomorrow we will give the most powerful answer to this despicable attempt. That is why I am here to invite the democrats and democrats of the 2nd branch of the Democratic Party, our supporters, but all the citizens of Tirana, all the Albanian citizens in the name of our democratic ideals, to come to the square tomorrow to raise our voices. Tomorrow there are over 1 thousand journalists in Tirana. Tomorrow in Tirana are the highest statesmen of the EU and the countries of the Western Balkans. Normally, as a party that overthrew the communist dictatorship, as a locomotive party of integration processes”, said Berisha.

According to Berisha, with his policies, Rama is responsible for the depopulation of Albania. He emphasized, among other things, that the government uses gangs and millions of Euros to buy votes./broread