Opposition protest, Berisha: Tomorrow we will do everything to fill Tirana Boulevard

12:39 05/12/2022

In the weekly statement to the media, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, emphasized the protest called tomorrow at 12:00 on the “Dëshmorët e Kombit” Boulevard in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, the day when the European Union – Western Balkans summit will be held. .

During his speech, chief democrat Berisha stated that this summit represents the greatest support for the Democratic Party and the opposition people.

Sali Berisha: In the act of greater support of European values. In this context, this summit constitutes the most powerful support for the DP and the opposition people. For the sole fact that this party, after the overthrow of the Orwellian dictatorship of Edi Rama’s fathers, currently transformed into a party of drugs and crime, I mean his party, established the new democratic order in Albania, based on European values . It is this party, which in three decades, was the real locomotive of Albania’s EU and NATO integration processes. The summit is a great support for the Albanian democrats, because it is this party in the government, which signed the Stabilization-Association Agreement, which liberalized visas with the success of its reforms, received the recommendation for the status of the candidate country. In this respect, tomorrow’s summit constitutes the greatest support for its democratic aspirations and ideals.

During his speech, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, said that “the next day, the opposition people will fill the streets and squares of Tirana in a powerful sign of protest”.

Even though the Police, as part of the measures for holding the EU-BP summit, have expressly forbidden the opposition to gather due to the security measures for the EU summit on the Boulevard “Dëshmorët e Kombit”, the DP does not withdraw from holding the protest there. Chief Democrat Berisha, in his media appearance, calls on citizens to come out and fill Tirana Boulevard more than ever before.

Sali Berisha: But tomorrow we, the opposition people, will fill the streets and squares of Tirana in a sign of protest, in a powerful protest precisely in defense of European values, terribly endangered and threatened by Edi Rama and his regime. Every Albanian who loves this country, who wants freedom, human dignity, his and his children’s future in freedom, and who believes that the condition of all conditions is a free vote, join us in the square tomorrow, to proved to the European leadership that we are in a battle with the fierce enemy of the free vote of the Albanians, Edi Rama. To prove to the European leadership that the man who stands as Albania’s representative at that summit has the power raised over the violation of the free vote of the Albanians. He has the power raised over drugs, traffic, over the narco-state he has built in Albania. He has his power and his chair elevated over the great thefts, unimaginable for a European country, that he does to Albanian citizens. It is true that he sits there as the prime minister of Albania, but it is true that he sits as the chief thief of Albania as well.

You have found these days how these Albanian, Balkan and European mafia bosses have been shaken to the core by the opposition’s determination to protest. How they try to use the summit to suppress and deny the constitutional right to protest. How they are horrified by the protest, which will prove to the European leadership that Edi Rama is the man of the violation of the vote, of the crime connections. He has transformed the Albanians into boat people. Dear oppositionists, tomorrow more than ever, we will have to do everything to fill Tirana Boulevard. It is a golden opportunity, it is a major political, moral, legal and all-round obligation, that we present to the world, the reality and the existential danger that threatens the Albanian nation.

At the end of his speech, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Berisha, said that it would be unforgivable if everyone would not be at tomorrow’s protest, in what the chief democrat calls “the biggest protest that Albania has known”. .

Sali Berisha: I know that those who gather tomorrow certainly cannot guarantee our free vote, but at least they know that the man in front of them has a rotten chair over the stolen votes of the Albanians. I know that those who gather tomorrow cannot save us from the theft of public funds and public assets, but at least they should know that when they give him a hand, they should check their pockets. He is, in fact, the chief thief of Albanians. of all time. It would be unforgivable if we were not all in the biggest, most magnificent protest that Albania has known in its history./broread