Berisha: The opposition scored an incomparable victory with the December 6 protest

17:18 12/12/2022

At the meeting of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party, the chief democrat Sali Berisha stated that the opposition protest held on December 6th marked a victory incomparable to any other protest as he added that it is not related to the attack on him, but to the powerful voice on the boulevard.

Sali Berisha: With the protest of December 6, the opposition scored a victory incomparable to any other protest and it is not related to the assassination of me, but to its powerful voice on the boulevard where the whole world had the main news that the summit was held in Tirana, but the entire opposition was up in arms about Rama’s corruption.

Those who came out in that protest and who sacrificed, brought out the opposition stronger than ever in the battles ahead of us, which have the objectives of restoring the right to vote freely and saving Albania from this regime, so once again I send them a heartfelt greeting. all the opposition, all the political forces and I invite them to stand up for powerful battles that the country has not seen before.

To those who try to give our efforts an intimidating character, we tell you that you are the scoundrels of a regime that has stripped you of everything. When we say that there is no stability without free vote, we are not threatening anyone, but only those who threaten./broread