Berisha: We are in 2 powerful battles, the primaries also against the enemy of the free vote, which is Edi Rama

16:57 12/12/2022

At the meeting of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, said that this political force has 2 powerful battles, the primaries and the other battle, as the chief democrat calls it, “against the enemy of the free vote, which is Edi Rama”.

Sali Berisha: We are in 2 powerful battles: the Primaries, but also in the other battle against the enemy of the free vote, which is Edi Rama. In these years, Edi Rama has come up with the most corrupt methods to corrupt inside and outside the country, perhaps more than anyone else in Europe.

Today there are documents and data that irrefutably prove that he buys and sells from morning to dinner. In case we see, he has created a machine and mechanisms that destroy the vote, complex, unfortunately we have inherited this. This forces us to address this. It is a fact today that anything can be accepted, but free vote is not accepted. Those who think he accepts the free vote are lying.

In all developments, until today Edi Rama has had 1 factor out of his control, he is in control of the state machinery, of the patron Nazis. 1 week ago expressed pride in them. He is in control of tens of hundreds of euros to buy the votes of Albanians on the stock market. He also had the head of the opposition, as they say, and this got out of his control, after the effort.

During his speech at this meeting, the chief democrat Berisha stated that lobbying is part of the primaries process, but the mayor and the main leaders should not lobby.

Sali Berisha: By excellent I cannot say and do not claim that these were perfect primaries. These were primaries in which more than 200 candidacies participated, as a whole DP political personalities, but also prominent members of civil society, and Albanian dignitaries who live and work in European capitals, Brussels, London, etc. In any type of variant that you analyze, primaries are the most genuine, most institutional, fairest form of party opening. In these primaries, all those who have fulfilled the elementary criteria to participate in the competition have been accepted by self-declaration or proposal from the branches or membership.

I said above that these were not perfect, but the practice gained with these primaries, the problems that emerged are a precious asset for us to perfect them in the other rounds of elections. So not to withdraw from them, but to do everything so that this practice is consolidated, transparent, honest, equal for the candidates. I want to tell you here, we are in the first steps and the sensitivities are normal, but gradually the members, DP sympathizers, reading about this process will find that lobbying, although I personally do not advise and support it, but it is absolutely a constant part of the process.

I say this because everyone who undertakes to compete must know that his rival will be able to mobilize people, groups, personalities from the party, outside the party to create the most positive impact for his candidacy and for we have to learn this. Like, people, interest groups have their right to lobby for the candidate they want. But these are the first. Of course, I do not believe that the chairman of the party should lobby, the main leaders of the party should lobby, as this would violate equality, and I assure you that in the most absolute way, I have not had any kind of bias in this race and there has not been any from the main leaders of the party. the party./broread