Veliaj and Ibrahimaj consulted on the budget with the residents of Unit 5: Let them protest, our focus is work and cooperation with the people

16:17 13/12/2022

Before the approval of the next year’s local budget, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, together with the Minister of Economy and Finance Delina Ibrahimaj, continued the consultations with the citizens in each unit with Unit 5. Speaking about the large investments that affect this units, but also those planned for next year, Veliaj said that focus on work and cooperation with people are the key to success.

“We are not divided into left and right. We are divided into a group that will work and believes that through work, cooperation, unity and love for each other the country moves forward and another philosophy that through violence, swearing, division, tire burning, blocking the country moves forward. It doesn’t seem that way to me. Let them protest endlessly, let them burn, do whatever they want, let them come with pistols, we will make the toys. Let them protest, do whatever they want, let them divide and block, we will make the Olympic Park and we did it. Let them block and burn tires for Astir, we will make Astir because today it is easier to enter Unit 5, because it has one of the main axes of the road that connects it to the southeast, it also connects it to Farka and it also connects it to the area from where it comes out from Tirana towards the east, it connects with the big highway, with Durrës, which then continues from north to south,” said Veliaj.

“We are in a night and day situation when it comes to education,” the head of the Municipality pointed out.

“This year alone, we opened 40 schools. A hysteria: “no, the Kosovo school, – here is the Kosovo school, – no, Sami Frashëri will go to Paskuqan, no, it will become a palace… What can we do if we cooperate, if we focus on the work and do not give in to those who did not build a school. I say to all my opponents, I wish you success, long life, white-cheeked dalshi in all your ambitions, but I have only one question, tell me a school you have attended. Who builds schools is establishing the future of the country. It is establishing the legacy we leave to another generation. What Albania will look like tomorrow. Albania will look tomorrow as schools look today,” said Veliaj.

He added that Sunny Hill Garden in Bllok is also the most requested garden in Albania.

Meanwhile, Minister Ibrahimaj said that Tirana is today a transformed city thanks to the vision and work of the Mayor, Erion Veliaj.

“When I was young, Tirana was not like that at all. Tirana did not have so many lights. Tirana did not have so much life. Of course, it never occurred to us that Tirana could ever become the European Youth Capital and have concerts, festivals, events, exhibitions. To have something every day where you not only pass the time but also be filled with positivity. This is the Tirana of Erion and the Erion team, which I wish will continue to be so. There are still many things to do and there will still be on May 14 and after May 14, I am convinced that Erion with his team and with the support of the entire government will make Tirana to a level that we cannot we can imagine today,” underlined Ibrahimaj./broread