The National Council of the Democratic Party meets, Berisha: This year is the most unprecedented in the history of a political force

17:48 20/12/2022

The National Council of the Democratic Party met this afternoon.

The President of the DP Sali Berisha declared from the blue headquarters that this year has been difficult, calling it the most unfavorable in the history of a political force.

Berisha: This was a difficult year for DP, I would call it an unprecedented year in the history of a political force. All means were used, all the corruptive potential of the most corrupt government in Europe was used. The entire criminal potential of the government most connected to crime in Europe was used, the international mafia of George Soros was used. All this in function of a regime, which has established complete monism in Albania. A regime that has imposed genocidal practices on Albanian citizens, completely calculating that they will leave their country.

All this using all the powers so that our political force would not stand up, would not be a sovereign force, would not be a political force whose positions would determine the president’s business with the state mafia. whose attitudes were determined by corrupt interests, was determined by the Soros mafia. Rarely has it happened that such extraordinary pressure has been brought to bear on a political force. Everything would be developed for this force to be placed in full control of the government, anyone else to decide but not the Albanians./broread