Peleshi: Priority, increasing cyber security

12:25 08/01/2023

“We receive “Bayraktar” drones, helicopters and “Javelin” missiles

After several successful practices during the past year, the Ministry of Defense is thinking that all tenders for equipment with considerable value, their maintenance, up to the uniforms of the Armed Forces, will no longer be done by itself, but will be carried out by the Procurement Agency. of NATO.

“We don’t want to do the tenders ourselves, we want to give it to NATO”.

Peleshi confirms the termination of the contract with the Italian company for the maintenance of Cougar helicopters, not excluding the possibility of facing the court for breach of contract.

“There is no other way.”

But the military fleet, the minister assures that during 2023, as well as the defense budget, will increase, including the purchase last year of “Bayraktar” drones, but also the equipment needed for Civil Emergencies.

“A ground-air-ground communication system as well as two new anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile systems, we also enrich the fleet of air vehicles used against fires with two planes”.

In the analysis made for the year we left behind and to make public the priorities of 2023 in the field of defense, Peleshi lists cyber empowerment as an important objective. And to fulfill it, one of the ways is to increase the salaries for IT and cyber security specialists.

“If we are not competitive in payments, we do not recruit staff anymore.”

During 2023, according to the minister, there will be salary increases for all military personnel.

“During 2023, our soldiers will receive a 40% higher salary than in 2022.”

Peleshi talks about increasing Albania’s contribution to missions abroad and about the strategy of the Ministry he leads to change the recruitment methods in the Armed Forces.