The new parliamentary session starts tomorrow

13:17 15/01/2023

Challenges: From the debate on the groups, the Ombudsman to the fiscal amnesty

On Monday afternoon, the Assembly starts the new parliamentary session, where, just like at its closing, the show that will be offered by the people’s elected representatives will again be a clash within the species, but also with the political opponent.

The Democrats come with the four expelled deputies, after the decision of Enkeljed Aliebaj, who removed Oerd Bylykbashi, Tritan Shehu, Belind Kellici and Agron Shehaj from the parliamentary group. The clash within their political family is expected to descend on the Assembly hall, as it happened in the session we left behind.

The debate will also be fierce for a series of decisions and legal initiatives that are waiting in the drawers of the assembly to be voted on. One of them is the new name of the People’s Advocate, after not finding an agreement last year. Majority has warned to start the procedure from the beginning and for the voting of the new name, 84 votes are needed.

The three government initiatives; that of Fiscal Amnesty, Golden Passports and Legalization of Cannabis, from which the government, despite the criticism of the European Union, has no intention of withdrawing, is expected to cause quite a few clashes in the Assembly.

This session is expected to have a break of several weeks in the spring due to the electoral campaign for the upcoming local elections.