Berisha for Rama: This bastard thinks he can hijack the DP, holds the court decision hostage

17:54 21/01/2023

In the speech held on the 32nd anniversary of the establishment of the branch of the Democratic Party in Laç, the chief democrat Sali Berisha accused Edi Rama of holding the court’s decision hostage, according to him, with the aim of preventing the victory of the democrats in the May 14 elections.

“Edi Rama stole the powers today by stealing the vote. And today he thinks he will be able to hijack the Democratic Party. Today this bastard is holding hostage, in the most blatant, primitive defiance, the court’s decision. And he believes that in this way he will prevent the victory of Behar, Pashku, Alberti, the victory of the democrats throughout Albania. He thinks that in this way he will be able to defend his monism. Yes, here we are, to swear to the flag, to swear before God, that nothing in the world will prevent us without overturning the monism of Edi Rama. We will win!”

Our mission is sacred, freedom is our inspiration. Freedom is our power. Freedom is for us all the energy that there is no force in the world to stop. That’s why I invite you, Kurbini democrats, to join in this battle, in this new mission. In 90, we had as our mission the overthrow of the Stalinist dictatorship. We overturned it, we succeeded, we archived it in history. Now Edi Rama’s monism based on crime, drugs and theft of Albanian citizens”, said Berisha among others./broread