Berisha: We don’t recognize elections if they are manipulated

15:43 21/01/2023

“May 14, battle for life and death”

When there are 4 months left from the electoral battle for May 14, Sali Berisha warned Prime Minister Rama that if he affects the elections, the Democratic Party will not recognize them. Through a communication on social networks, the chief democrat accused the head of the government of multiplying the efforts to steal votes.

“Democrats will never recognize an election process based on the stolen vote,” he said.

He warned the Prime Minister of the end that awaits him if he prevents the registration of the Democratic Party in the elections.

“This is a life and death battle. Albanians will respond to Edi Rama in all forms to protect pluralism, to protect the vote and democracy”, said Berisha.

He invited the Democrats to distinguish between the “hostages” and those who think differently from him, as he said that Basha and Alibeaj are shopping with Edi Rama.

“Basha was taken hostage. Alibasha is a hostage. Hostages there is no force in the world that can redeem them. Others at tuk follow the tenders. They do not protect the interests of the democrats.”

He sees freedom as the only way to unite the democrats.

“Any group of MPs or anyone who disagrees with Sali Berisha or the presidency should create their own faction, but staying away from voters hurts them every day.”

Berisha returned to the accusations about Tirana’s incinerator, targeting Mayor Veliaj.

Convinced of the victory of democratic candidates in the May 14 local elections, Berisha said that 2023 will be the end of Rama’s regime, which is based on theft, crime and drugs.