Berisha: Investigation into Rama’s ties to McGonigal

15:53 ​​24/01/2023

“He paid him for Russian lobbying and to investigate DP lobbyists in the USA”

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, requested the establishment of an Investigative Commission to clarify the suspicious links between Prime Minister Rama and two of his associates with the former senior FBI counterintelligence officer, Charles McGonigal, who was arrested on Monday and released on bail. by the court of New York, because of the connections with the Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska.

“The SKAP of the party is sworn that it can never investigate his party. Then, we will set up a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, we will establish links with the US Congress. We will make the greatest contribution to the investigation of this affair.”

Berisha said that he established the connections between the prime minister and the former senior FBI official through two of his close associates.

“In all the official materials and those direct from the Department of Justice, the pivotal persons in the McGonigal affair are Edi Rama, Agron Neza, Dorjan Ducka. Agron Neza is called person A, Dorjan Ducka is person B, while Edi Rama is neither B, nor A nor C, but is Edi Rama as he is, tied head and neck with the dangerous agent.”

According to Berisha, through Dučka and Neza, the Prime Minister made two payments, one for Russian lobbying and the other to investigate Democratic Party lobbyists in New York.

“It has been discovered that Edi Rama, through Agron Neza, handed Charles McGonigal 225 thousand dollars in one hand. 80 thousand dollars in another hand, according to the media. McGonigal has represented one of the Russian mafia and business bosses for opposition investigations in New York. Agron Neza was given concrete information about American citizens who lobbied the opposition.”

Asked during the press conference about the report made to SPAK on January 21, Berisha called the criminal lawsuit against him by the Minister of Justice, Ulsi Manja, stupid.

“Let’s not deal with Ulsi’s nonsense. He has only one task, to act as Edi Rama’s bodyguard. The person directly responsible is one and only one, Edi Rama, and let it be clear that this accusation will never be shared with him.”

The chairman of the Democratic Party has accused Rama and the director of the Police Surveillance Agency, Ardi Veliu, of having manipulated a new audio material published in the media, for which the majority has made a report to SPAK.