Celibashi: CEC recognizes only one PD

11:41 01/02/2023

“Members of KZAZ of PD, decision-making will be in accordance with the law, we have no political interest”

The State Commissioner of Elections, Ilirjan Celibashi, says that the fact cannot be overlooked if the DP is not registered in the 2023 local elections according to legal provisions and the political situation can be ignored.

The head of the CEC made these statements while commenting on the 2 requests that were submitted to the CEC by the two parties within the Democratic Party.

“If we were to make it formal and I would be formal, the answer would be you will find out when it is decided. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and say that we know the reality. Even as an individual, I live here, I follow the news, I have my judgments and opinions. Although this does not mean that when it comes to decision-making, this will be part of my judgment.

We have 2 proposals for members of KZAZ from Mr. Indrit Sefa, who has been a DP representative in the CEC since March of last year. We also have a proposal for a member of KZAZ brought by Mr. Flamur Noka in the capacity of General Secretary of DP. Formally, we have 2 requests and the commissioner will have to evaluate the legitimacy of each of these two requests. We are in the process of verifying the documentation on the proposal for a member of KZAZ not only of DP but also of 3 other parties”.

But Celibashi emphasizes that the CEC recognizes only one DP and will decide in accordance with the law on this issue, however he has requested that this situation within the DP be resolved due to the public interest that this political force has as the main opposition party .

“We will decide on this, it would not be a very good way to decide, but this is the reality and I am sorry to find myself in this situation, we have no political interest and no political sympathies. We do not represent and will not insult in this decision-making, this decision-making will be in full respect of the law. It would be naive if someone thought that this decision-making is based on someone else’s orders, be it internal or external, and just as bad if this decision-making was the result of the political interest or political sympathy of the state commissioner. We have no qualms about deciding in full compliance with the law. It is not my question how the law is, it is not my question how the political situation is”.

Ilirjan Celibashi emphasizes that it cannot be claimed that nothing happens if the Democratic Party is not registered in the elections.

“The request for the case of the commission and the registration of electoral subjects is a request that will be assessed in accordance with the law. We do not decide who leads the DP and beyond any speculation this is clear to everyone. For us, there is a DP, it is a legal entity that has the name DP of Albania. It remains to be seen who has the right to act and on behalf of DP. We know that someone says that this right belongs to Mr. Berisha, someone else says that it does not belong to Mr. Alibeaj since he has it delegated by Mr. Basha, it would be good if this issue was resolved and I think that it will have to is resolved because we are talking about a primary public interest, we are talking about the main opposition party, and I think that it is not too late that everyone can contribute to the solution of this situation, that it is not too late to make their own contribution so that this issue is resolved as they wish must be resolved. It is not the CEC that decides on some issues that it does not have competence. We cannot act as if nothing happened if the main opposition party may not be registered or may not be registered according to the predictions that someone who can impact the political life of the country has not made that decision”. /broread