Alibeaj: Rama should have been in the plenary session to give clarifications on the “McGonigal” case

13:12 02/02/2023

Enkelejd Alibeaj has stated in a statement to the media that he was not present at the plenary session today after he made an official visit to the United Kingdom.

From the premises outside the Parliament, Alibeaj stated that an interpellation was requested by the opposition MPs with Prime Minister Rama on the “McGonigal” issue, since, as he points out, the American justice documents refer to Rama, for whom he says there is a claim that is involved in a corrupt vortex.

The delegation of the interpellation to Minister Spiropali does not stand according to Alibeaj, as he says that it is a question of “giving clarifications about facts, circumstances and events in which Edi Rama personally participated”.

Enkelejd Alibeaj: This is a mockery of Parliament and parliamentary procedures. We have asked for a very simple thing that is in accordance with the parliamentary rights that the opposition is required to do because of a big scandal based on American documents, there is a claim that the prime minister of Albania was involved in a very serious corruption vortex.

We have requested that the prime minister in his capacity as prime minister has a political, institutional and legal obligation to respond to a request for interpellation personally and not to delegate it, the facts that have emerged from the American justice documents refer to him. Meetings of persons taken as defendants have been held with him. When the image of the Albanian state is at stake, the least would be the obligation to come to the Parliament hall and give clarifications.

Is he the one who gave the information based on this money to launch an attack on the opposition? Is he the man who intervened in this pure conflict of interest? Well, all these are political obligations. I understand that silence belongs only to those who have been taken as defendants and Albanian justice, which must act. It won’t have to ask for data.

I know very well that he will be silent, he is not to come, shows his incrimination. To exercise our duties, based on legal instruments, he must come out and speak. If he does not come, then this country does not have a prime minister, it has been so long that he does not respond, it means that this country does not have a prime minister.

Today I was not in the plenary session because I had an official visit to the United Kingdom.

The delegation does not hold because interpellations are required with prime ministers or ministers, according to the field. It is about giving clarifications about the facts, circumstances and events that Edi Rama personally participated in, he is the one who should give clarifications. We are facing a criminal offense that requires criminal proceedings, this is the institutional way./broread