Begaj: No one can threaten the integrity of Kosovo

16:10 16/02/2023

The President in Pristina for the Independence Day

In honor of the 15th anniversary of Independence, the President of Albania Bajram Begaj is staying in Kosovo. He met President Vjosa Osmani whom he congratulated on this 15th anniversary, which he says is too little for an ancient nation.

The Head of State emphasized Albania’s unwavering support for Kosovo’s authorities and institutions in addressing the provocations and challenges they are facing, both in the context of negotiations with Serbia and in the process of recognition and membership in international organizations and those regional.

“No one can prevent Kosovo from building a free and independent future for itself and its citizens, and no one can threaten its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Albania will always be by Kosovo’s side”.

While President Osmani has called it necessary for Albania to be the voice of Kosovo in the institutions where Kosovo has no representation.

This is the second visit that President Begaj has made to Kosovo within a short period of time.

During the meeting with Prime Minister Albin Kurti, the Albanian President appreciated the necessity of continuing this dialogue and assured him that Albania will be by Kosovo’s side in all challenges to take the place it deserves in the United Nations Organization, but also in other international organizations. .

This is the second visit that Begaj has made within a short period of time to Kosovo after taking office as the President of Albania.