Local elections, Celibashi: Funds for parties will be distributed after March 31

11:47 01/03/2023

The State Commissioner of Elections, Ilirjan Celibashi, in a conversation with journalists, stated that after March 31, funds will be distributed to political parties.

“We will distribute the funds after March 31. It is the last date that the political parties will have to submit the financial report for 2022. The distribution of funds is made to those parties that are entitled under the law and that have submitted the annual report”. said Celibashi.

The Chief Commissioner emphasized that the distribution of funds has nothing to do with the issue of the leadership of the Democratic Party. Answering the journalists’ questions, Celibashi stated that it is a provision of the law that the name of the party leader should be written on the ballot paper.

Among other things, Celibashi also spoke about the application of technology in voting, electronic counting and biometric identification of voters. He stated that the procurement procedures for the respective equipment and services will be opened very soon.

“The process is progressing well considering the time that the CEC made funds available to prepare the electronic voting process in Elbasan, Kamëz and Vorë. These days we also open the procurement procedures for the respective technical equipment or services. Regarding the issue of operators or other technical staff that will be engaged by the CEC, we have not yet opened the calls. In a few days, maybe at the most, at the end of next week, we will open the calls to invite those interested to engage as operators”. said Celibashi./broread