Peleshi: Starting today, salaries for the military will increase by 7%

13:03 01/03/2023

The Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi, announced that from today the salaries for the military will increase by 7%.

“On the proposal of the Prime Minister, today the Council of Ministers has approved a salary increase of 7% starting today, that is, a decision that comes into effect immediately from March 1. for all military personnel, from the basic soldier to the highest ranks. The increase in wages is no longer a spontaneous phenomenon, but is becoming annual. Every year we will have salary increases until our soldiers are treated with dignified wages. We want to reach the average of the countries of the space where we belong and are in the alliance, NATO”, said Peles.

Peleshi said that starting tomorrow a mobile recruitment point will be set up. According to him, this is part of the reform of the recruitment process. The minister said that there are many reasons to be part of the Armed Forces, among them, good treatment with salary. /broread