“McGonigal”, Rama in Parliament: This is the most absurd motion, the investigation has nothing to do with me

11:16 02/03/2023

Rama considers the motion with debate in Parliament on the “McGonigal” case requested by the opposition to be absurd. In his speech to the Parliament, the Prime Minister spoke about the US investigation into this matter, clarifying that the former senior FBI official is accused of collaborating with the Russian oligarch Deripaska and that he has nothing to do with him.

“A former senior FBI official is accused of collaborating with Russian oligarch Deripaska. During the investigations, the prosecutors also found a series of violations related to the trips of the former head of counterintelligence to our region, where the indictment states that he met with me. The indictment notes that he did not declare his trips or meetings in the region and underlines that he borrowed money from an Albanian-American citizen. In the lines, the investigation of the Russian money of DP is also mentioned. The trial has no defendant other than Charles McGonigal. These are the facts. In all the lines of the indictment, there is no accusation and no other data other than the correct and repeated reporting of my meetings with the American official”.

Regarding the accusations from the Democratic Party, Edi Rama said that these are the same actions that the opposition has been doing for 10 years.

“They are the same ones who, when they were in power, have done all the black things that they accuse us of day and night since they joined the opposition. I didn’t come today either and I won’t come here for them again. I have come here and I will come whenever there is a need to respect the voters and deputies of the majority, who today I could not leave alone in this absurd motion for debate. This is perhaps the most absurd motion in the history of this Assembly.

I’ve thought about it for a long time and I’ve said it, I’ll no longer feed my energy into the daily fire of senseless banging and banging. You will no longer have the honor of facing me here or outside these walls, as you did yesterday. Make up your mind and tell others as much as you like that I am hidden and wasted. In this endless dance your swords have become inseparable parts of her. You have entered the 10th year of the road where you have overthrown me several times every year, you have gathered 100 thousand to 200 thousand people on the boulevard forcing me to hide on Dajti mountain and you have defeated me in all the elections of the last 9 years and this 10th year will be the greatest year of your victory.

On May 14, you will take both Vlora and Washington, so I finally make way for you and I want to say out loud: I feel guilty, even very guilty, that I have not been able to do what is necessary against the deep misery of politics in our arena where brays the donkey. This is not politics. Politics is something completely different, high and useful, with people and for people. I will be very engaged in curing the virus of this heavy policy, in myself in the first place”, declared Prime Minister Edi Rama. /broread