Hajdari: The President of the DP should be elected by the members and not by the Court

10:53 03/03/2023

The court cannot treat the DP as loot

While the process is expected to start in the Court of Appeal for the logo and stamp of the Democratic Party, the deputy of the Democratic Party, Rudina Hajdari, has stated that the president of this political force should be elected by a free vote of the members and not the Court. will decide her fate.

From the premises outside the Court of Appeal, MP Hajdari called on the jury to carefully examine this process and not to violate democratic principles, where the majority is what should decide.

Rudina Hajdari: I want to tell you citizens that I have come here as a citizen, but also as a person who is connected to DP. I consider DP as my family, considering that my father risked his life to form this DP and ultimately gave his life for democratic principles.

What is happening is unprecedented. In every country in the world, the leader of the opposition is elected by the people and not by a court. We are in conditions where democratic principles are being violated. The chairman of the party must be elected by the members of that party. The court can no longer step in and deny the DP members their vote. PD cannot be treated as a booty. It cannot be decided by a panel of judges. We should leave it to the people to decide and what worries me is the fact that today we are in front of a process that is treating DP as a private property, it is an absurdity in itself.

PD is a public asset, it is an asset that has existed for 32 years, there were students of Dhejtori who risked their lives to overthrow that regime. PD is the party that made many contributions, has done many good things. It is a public asset, it is an opposition which must be decided by the election of DP members.

I encourage the court to look at the case carefully. I am worried about the future of the country. The whole process is fake. A political party cannot be treated as private property. I would encourage the court not to forget democratic principles, not to allow the minority to impose the majority. Majority is the will of the majority through voting. DP members decide, democracy can never be a process. Today I appeal to the court: Keep in mind that the parties that are in every corner of the people, the members are elected by free will.

If today we have a judicial process that is false and seems to be returning to Rama’s lever to throw the opposition into total chaos, to divide the opposition and to move Albania forward 32 years, I hope that the judiciary will take these into account PRINCIPLES./broread