Berisha: Rama, Basha and Alibeaj will fail

15:48 11/03/2023

“They will not be able to prevent the DP from entering the elections”

On his birthday, the Democrats remembered Azem Hajdari who, if he were alive this year, would celebrate his 60th birthday.

Sali Berisha remembers their first meeting in December 1990 in the Student City and talks about the energy with which he protested against the communist regime.

“For us who gazed, contemplated there, he was a superman, a legend.”

25 years after the murder in the yard of the Democratic Party, Berisha thinks that he still motivates the democrats to fight with Edi Rama who, according to him, has installed a regime that is tougher than monism because he has also corrupted internationals to strengthen his power.

“Kind of like the governors executed Azem Hajdari in ’98, Edi Rama contracted McGonigal to destroy the Democratic Party.”

The leader of the democrats repeats the accusations in the Prime Minister’s address that according to him, using Basha and Alibeaj as tools, he is trying to prevent the opposition from entering the elections. But, it speaks for sure that it is a failed attempt.

“They do everything to prevent us from participating in the elections by giving the seal to the hostages. Today, Azemi is more alive than ever.”

He continued the accusations against the Rama-Basha-Alibeaj trio from Korça, where he presented Ledina Aliolli as a candidate for mayor, while also emphasizing the importance of the May 14 elections for the country.

Berisha also raised several issues, one of them being the departure of Albanians, claiming that in 8 years, the consuming power of this nation has decreased by 1/3.