Berisha: These elections are for the destiny of Albania

19:06 11/03/2023

The local elections of May 14, the chairman of the Democratic Party Sali Berisha considers more than that.

From Korça, where he presented the candidate to emerge from the Primaries for this municipality, he said that these are elections for the fate of Albania.

“These elections must separate Albania from a regime that is unparalleled in Europe, which is driving Albanians away from Albania. We must stand by it and my call is to not forget that these are not only local elections, they are elections for the fate of Albania. A lot of work was done, the HPPs of Devolli and Fani were built, today private HPPs produce 58% of the energy production that is produced in Albania.

They sell the dams to their own realtors at ridiculous prices. They have created real estate companies for purchasing energy. They empty the dams, and these buyers, who buy this energy for 30 Euros, sell it on the stock exchange for 180, 200, 250 Euros and share all the profit with the government officials. Our dams empty, businesses quadruple the price of energy. At a time when 2021 and 2022 were the best years, Albania produced 9 terawatts of electricity every year, 2 terawatts more than what it consumes. Should we go this way? I appeal to all citizens, these elections are for our destiny, these elections are to transform our wealth into goodness”. said Sali Berisha, among other things. /broread