Rama: Task force for employees who abuse the Cadastre

15:34 11/03/2023

Dallandyshe Bici is appointed instead of Artan Lames

With the departed director Artan Lame and his replacement Dallandyshe Bici, on both sides, Edi Rama has warned the Cadastre employees that a special task force will filter each one of them who abuses their position.

“A special task force will be set up immediately to do away with the tails of corruption and filth of the past.”

The Prime Minister demanded faster pace to digitize every service.

Not only must all counters be closed, but all dividing areas must be eliminated immediately. It will no longer work with spheres of influence. All the staff will develop their activity behind the screen, for this, of course, a very close cooperation between ASHK and AKSH will be needed in order to enter another phase.

For him, the lack of contact between employees and citizens is the key to cutting the threads of corruption.

“The results are visible and tangible! But today it’s time for a break. Today we have a base from which we can rapidly move forward, which is technology. It’s time to finally close all the ways of direct contact between citizens and the Cadastre. All counters must be closed. Cadastre, all personnel must enter behind the screen.”

Rama also raises concern about abuses with the issuance of the deed of taking ownership of the land by the local units, and here he asks for the cooperation of SPAK.

“There is a need for close cooperation with the Special Prosecutor’s Office, and as for the AMTPs, this is not directly related to the Cadastre, but has to do with the tails of dirt and corruption of the past, which is from the time of the municipalities, which has also found space through the municipal units and that produces even today the documents that we are talking about, AMTP that are given now and that are claimed to have been given in 1991 and 1992, but of course I said that this is complex and is beyond the institution itself.”

The former director Lame himself, unlike the Prime Minister, did not spare the praise when he said that without Edi Rama, the reform of the Cadastre would not have been possible. But, even though with tears in his eyes, he takes the departure as a birthday present that coincides with the departure.

“I come to people who are never satisfied with victories, nor do I intend to change the angle of my vision that magnifies the flaws and diminishes the good.”

“I consider this retreat as a birthday present because I really need to take care of my health.”

The director of AKSHI, Mirlinda Karçanaj, said that currently 74 services related to the Cadastre are obtained online, but the order of the Prime Minister for the new director of the Cadastre is that no services are offered at the counters as soon as possible.