“May 14”, the rapporteurs who will examine the appeal of Berisha and Alibeaj’s group in KAS are appointed

10:48 12/03/2023

The relators of the nominations in KAS made by the DP led by Sali Berisha and the “Alibeaj group” have been appointed.

Ilirjan Rusmajli was appointed relator for the appeal made by Berisha PD, while Koli Bele was appointed for the appeal of Alibeaj PD.

Berisha requests the undoing of the decision of the chief commissioner Celibashi, who decided that the PD will not register in the elections with the Democratic Party’s logo.

Alibeaj, on the other hand, appealed the CEC’s decision not to register DP with the legal seal, since the signature of Lulzim Basha, who is still recognized as the DP’s chairman, is required in the documentation.

The Alibeaj group emphasizes that Basha has already resigned and Alibeaj has the powers of the chairman.

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