Rama: Vlora Airport will be built, added value and in no way a threat to the ecosystem

11:50 15/03/2023

At the ceremony of declaring Vjosa Natural Park, the Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, called on all those who do not agree with the construction of the Vlora Airport not to disturb them.

During his speech, Prime Minister Rama stated that Vlora Airport will be built as he emphasized that it is an added value and is in no case a threat to the ecosystem.

Edi Rama: Here I was told that there is someone who continues to feed us with the birds of Vlora Airport: I would beg him to stop doing this work. We are a governing force that has raised the level of defense of the country to where it has never been from a natural point of view.

For Vlora Aeroprot, we have done all the consultations, all the studies and now that the tiger of Vjosa we have guaranteed that he will not go to the dentist to cut his teeth and become a cat, I would beg a lot from anyone who is here bothering us with letters and transformations and deviations of facts regarding Vlora Airport, don’t bother us.

The Vlora airport is under construction, it will be built in all cases and it will be an added value and in no way a threat to the ecosystem because we have discussed it again with all levels and with all experts. It is a whole file as big as a mountain for the process of Vlora Airport. We will preserve the wild vlora together, but we must not make the people wild, so we must make a combination between the wildness of nature and the taming of people./tvclan.