Berisha: Lefter Allan was arrested because he refused to leave

20:18 16/03/2023

The head of the DP Sali Berisha has reacted regarding the arrest of the head of the Municipality of Bulqiza, Lefter Alla. Berisha said that he was arrested because he refused to leave and wanted to run again on May 14.

“Did they arrest the drug addict of Bulqiza last night for a 2 million Euro tender? Do you know why they arrested him? They arrested him because he refused to leave, he definitely wanted to run and they kept the file. But here you have the mayor of Fier, who declares the agricultural land as land to steal, to share money. The subordinates are imprisoned, the one who is the main one is not imprisoned. They steal, they all steal“, said Berisha.

Berisha made his comments from Lushnja, where he presented the candidate for mayor, Eduart Sharka. According to the chief democrat, these elections divide history and he called on the democrats and socialists to unite in confronting what he considers to be the monist regime.

What is happening to us? It is time to ask this question, what are we, democrats, socialists without a party. We have to stop what is happening to us. A regime has established monism, monisms are the greatest dramas of peoples in history. But there is no people in the world who knows better than we Albanians what monism means, we went through it for half a century. Today we have a power, we have a man who has all the power in his hands, he has more power than Ramiz Aliaj in 1991. Today we have in power a man who produces only evil and negativity for Albanians from morning to dinner. Today we have a government in which the rights of citizens are trampled underfoot. Today we have a government that impoverishes and makes its citizens miserable by stealing every hour, every day, every season, every month, and every year. Then must we continue to sleepwalk, must we continue to remain indifferent. Every honest socialist should join us, every non-party citizen should join us”, said Berisha./broread