Berisha: Politics intervened for Fatjon Murat

15:49 16/03/2023

Spiropali: Crime watchers, your judge’s prosecutors

Sali Berisha spoke about political interference in the replacement of the measure from “prison arrest” to “house arrest” that the black squads gave to Fatjon Murat, the owner of the bar in Don Bosko, where as a result of an assassination a few days ago she was killed a woman.

“The gang that was attacked was under the full protection of the government, that the murder suspect was released from all obligations with political intervention from above, but for the fact that you announced as a platform the surrender of order to the hands of crime.

The Ministry for Parliament Elisa Spiropali gave an answer to Berisha’s accusations.

“The bodyguards of crime and impunity were your prosecutors and judges.”

Minister Spiropali was also involved in the rebuttal for the arrest of the 8-day pregnant mother.

Sali Berisha: I checked the “Facebook” of these ministers. I thought they would be shocked by the news. I found no regrets. Remember that you are a mother and money should never cloud you in such a way that it makes you so insensitive.

Elisa Spiropali: He is so tired of his black page and now he looks at “Facebook” from our white pages. But he should have seen them well because we have reacted with all the strength that is given to us.

Outside the Parliament, the Chairman of the Democratic Party warned of the coming to light of some new information that, according to him, implicates Prime Minister Rama in the “McGonigal” case.

“McGonigal is the mediator of three oil fields for Gazprom with Edi Rama. You found out how Edi Rama mixed the shares with McGonigal. The former president of the Albanian-American Chamber of Commerce who was here at that time declares how the oil fields were taken away from American companies and given to Russian companies.”

The chief democrat accused the majority of practicing criminal law, demanding the removal of the statute of limitations for the Prime Minister and ministers.