Berisha: Illegal control procedure against Ahmetaj was stopped only because he threatened him

12:42 17/03/2023

On the morning of March 9, 3 representatives of BKH were presented to Erjola Hoxha, Ahmetaj’s roommate, showing her a search warrant for the apartment and computers.

Chief Democrat Berisha called this action an illegal control procedure against Ahmetaj only because, according to him, Prime Minister Rama threatened him. Berisha has called the controls shameful and reprehensible.

Sali Berisha: There is an analogy with the control that was carried out on Ahmetaj’s partner and ex-wife. Law enforcement bodies have the right to check in any case, but never contrary to legal procedure. I have denounced Ahmetaj hundreds of times, but against him and no one else, the illegal procedure cannot be used, only because he threatened Edi Rama. He threatened Rama, told him that you are the one who collected 17 signatures in 24 hours, that I, as a minister, would never do that. He threatened Don Agaçion, he threatened Erion Veliaj and now he doesn’t deal with the essence, but they do inspections without authorization. Shameful, reprehensible police checks. Rama thought that with this news he could eclipse the news about Olsi Rama and Amant Josif, he thought it would eclipse the other articles and said that the vibrator is to blame. This man does not hesitate to use any means in his vulgar propaganda to protect himself. Therefore, while condemning the attitude of the gangsters for the controls without authorization, I also condemn the attitude that they do not dare to touch Arben Ahmetaj, because they end up worse than him./broread