“FoodLand”, the healthy food festival! Veliaj: A festival dedicated to small consumers

13:00 17/03/2023

Bouncing vegetables, fun fruit trees and a healthy recipe book for little chefs! These are some of the details of the three-day “FoodLand” festival, which is being developed by the Consumer Protection Agency, part of Tirana Municipality, in the Lake Park area.

The festival is dedicated to children with the aim of raising the awareness of the small consumer, on learning good food habits. For this reason, the participants are children aged 5, 6 and 7 years who not only had fun with fun games, but also participated in the cooking competition.

With the help of nutritionist Dhurata Thanasi, they learned about healthy foods, but also how to deliciously “hide” those products that children often enjoy.

“Education not only to eat healthy, but also active life through sports, is in the continuous focus of the awareness campaigns of the Municipality of Tirana. This festival is just one of dozens dedicated to this goal this year”, said Andi Seferi, deputy mayor of Tirana Municipality.

“In the framework of the World Consumer Day, we are organizing this festival, which aims to raise the awareness of the consumer of the future”, said Laura Deliu, General Director of AMK.

Through a post on social networks, Mayor Veliaj also has an open invitation for all parents and children.

“Good morning from “FoodLand Fest”! A festival dedicated to young consumers and the importance of teaching healthy habits such as food and sports“, writes Veliaj.

“FoodLand Fest” is being organized at the Amphitheater of the Lake, on March 16, 17 and 18, inviting every child to be part of creative games on healthy food. /broread