Rama meets Begaj for the head of SHISH

12:27 17/03/2023

30 minutes meeting in the Presidency

Prime Minister Rama held a meeting this morning with the President of the Republic, Bajram Begajn.

From 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., Rama and Begaj had a one-on-one conversation at the Presidency.

None of the institutions disclosed the purpose of the meeting and the topics discussed, but Klan television learns that the Prime Minister and the President have consulted on the name of possible candidates for the new head of the State Intelligence Service.

Currently, this service is led by deputy director Oljan Kanushi, after the departure of Helidon Bendo last December.

It is not known whether the topic of the discussion between Rama and Begai was the progress of negotiations on the sea agreement, as this weekend the Prime Minister will travel to Greece where he will also have a meeting with his counterpart Mitsotakis.