The arrest of Lefter Alla/ Berisha: the drug trafficker of Bulqiza was arrested only because he said he would run for re-election

12:34 17/03/2023

The chairman of the Democratic Party, in the weekly conference with journalists, focused on the arrest of the mayor of Bulqiza, Lefter Alla.

After his speech, the chief democrat Berisha called Lefter Alla a “drug trafficker of Bulqiza” as he added that his arrest was carried out only because he declared that he would run for re-election.

The leader of the PD Berisha has stated that his arrest was served as an act of independent justice, but in fact, according to the chief democrat, it is an act of political justice.

Sali Berisha: The campaign is proceeding with a particular pace and enthusiasm. The candidates of the cave or the uncle are today the most despised candidates in 32 years. As you can see, they cannot go out with the citizens, as you can see, they are present only in embarrassing television montages and manipulations. Follow Veliaj’s campaign, only extras and TV stunts. Others do not appear at all. Those who object are arrested within hours. The drug trafficker of Bulqiza had the files on both sides for years. But he was not allowed to do anything, even Edi Rama’s justice exonerated him even when he smoked cocaine. The moment he declared that he would run again and did not ask the party, after five hours he was handcuffed. This was served as an act of independent justice, in fact it was an act of political justice.broread