The report on Russian funding/ Berisha: It clarifies that out of 700,000 Euros, not a single penny has entered the coffers of the DP

12:54 17/03/2023

In the weekly conference with journalists, the chief democrat Berisha stated that Lulzim Basha and Enkelejd Alibeaj have no connection with the PD as, according to him, they are hostages of Edi Rama.

During his speech, the chairman of the Democratic Party Berisha stated that the report on the financing of the Democratic Party clarifies that 700 thousand Euros are Russian funding and not a single penny has entered the coffers of the Democratic Party while adding that it is an illegal activity. .

Sali Berisha:It is not related to the PD. Alibasha and Alibrava have no connection with the DP. They are both hostages of Edi Rama and Edi Rama uses them in the most ruthless way. Today we would present the report on DP financing. But the one who would present it is at a conference. The report clarifies that 700,000 euros, not a penny has entered the DP’s coffers and has not left the DP’s coffers. It is an illegal activity, Russian funding or otherwise, I cannot say, but if the CIA report says so, it cannot be disputed. Basha is a hostage in crime.

Regarding the decision of KAS to register the DP with commanding chairman Enkelejd Alibeaj in the elections of May 14, Berisha said that such a decision means declaring Edi Rama’s nominee as chairman while adding that every law has been violated and any standard of this country.

Sali Berisha: Proclaiming a president who is not a president means accepting Edi Rama’s appointee. Every law and standard of this country or this narco-state has been violated. To claim that Alibeaj, who has never been voted, has never been appointed, has not been voted in any party forum, who does not dare to vote, who does not receive any votes, who has become a hostage of Rama, is the leader of the DP, this only Edi Rama does it.

This means going back to the appointed opposition. There is no court decision that Alibeaj is the party leader. There is a court decision that Sali Berisha is the party leader. But laws don’t matter here. The spiritual terror that Edi Rama has is important here and he thinks that through Alibasha and Alibrava he can escape from May 14. This is a pseudo state. Must write authorized vice president president. No, there are strict status rules. It is a tool caught in the act by Edi Rama and this is his problem.broread