Veliaj: 2800 families benefit from social bonus

18:53 17/03/2023

“From April 1, the salaries of the Municipal Police will increase”

2800 families that benefit from economic assistance in the municipality of Tirana will also receive a social bonus. The news was given by the mayor himself, Erion Veliaj, during the meeting of the Municipal Council. According to Veliaj, Tirana thus becomes the first municipality that will offer such assistance.

“What we have decided and very soon we will present for 2800 families who are in economic assistance, in addition to the standard assistance that comes from the government, we will be the first Municipality to offer the social bonus as well.

Veliaj revealed that from April 1, the salaries of all Tirana municipal police officers will increase.

“The time has come that, after so many years, those people who work harder, who take more abuse, also for our fault, and for that I apologize, should be rewarded.”

Veliaj said that the salary increase for the Municipal Police coincides with the increase in the minimum wage by the government. During his speech, Veliaj revealed some of the projects he intends to develop in the event of a vote of confidence for the third term as the head of the municipality of Tirana.