Rama to the British journalist: It is Kosovo, not Kosovo, for us it is everything

09:14 24/03/2023

In a conversation at the Royal Institute of International Relations in Great Britain, the country’s Prime Minister Edi Rama was asked about Kosovo and whether Albania can do something more to help it.

Rama said that Kosovo is a sister country and that we are a nation that lives in two states. The head of the government also corrected the British journalist about the name of the state of Kosovo, emphasizing that “Kosovo” is defined by the Serbs.

Question: I have been to Albania and Kosovo a number of times, I very much support what you said about Kosovo, but I would like to ask you if you think that Albania has a special role to help because it is considered a friendly neighbor. Do you think you can do more?

Edi Rama: First, it is Kosovo, not Kosovo. Kosovo is the way the Serbs call it, so you advocate for the independence of Kosovo and I humbly ask that it is not your fault that the propaganda has done its job. And I sometimes say Kosovo, but it is Kosovo.

(The journalist apologizes)

Edi Rama: No no, don’t apologize! I do it sometimes too, but it’s Kosovo. Kosovo is not a friendly country, it is a sister country, it is everything, we are the same and for certain reasons we are a nation that lives in two states. We Albanians have two states, 4 prime ministers in the Balkans, something should not work, but that’s how it is. We do everything we can to help, of course we welcome everything they do for us to help us. We are the same, we have a limit and some rules to respect, but we are the same. I don’t know what exactly they had in mind when you asked./broread