Balla-Alibeaj cooperation for decommunization – Tv Klan

18:01 31/03/2023

Head of the SP group: Alibeaj’s proposal makes sense, we need a solution

The socialists and the democrats have found the way of cooperation to pass in the Assembly the law aimed at removing from politics the former collaborators of the State Security.

“There is political will, already in the Parliament of Albania, to set up these prohibitive mechanisms with retroactive power. The proposal of the opposition, to tell you the truth, makes sense. What we need without wasting time is to put together our proposal and that of the opposition.”

During a seminar on access to historical documents, Alibeaj said that lustration and the opening of files should not turn into a political war, referring to the issue with Ilir Meta.

“Today, as we speak, the situation is still unclear. Blackmail in politics with the files of the former State Security has been one of the instruments of the political war.”

The SP wants to make changes in the law on political parties and the law on decriminalization in order to set up mechanisms that do not allow the involvement in politics of former employees of the State Security. While Enkelejd Alibeaj intends to intervene through the Files Authority.

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