Rama explains the salary increases to the teachers: They will go up to 106,800 Lek

18:14 04/04/2023

In a meeting with teachers, Prime Minister Edi Rama explained to them how much their salaries will be after the salary increase.

The head of the government spoke about the increase in the minimum wage that came into force in April, as well as the executive’s ambition to increase the average wage to 900 Euros according to a 2-year scheme through two stages.

“Salaries do not increase because you want to, but they increase because you have the opportunity to stay with that increase. The capacity to stay in that correct contract is guaranteed by increased economic opportunity. The increase that we will make is also related to the fact that we made an increase beyond the minimum wage forecast because we saw that the possibility of a general increase in wages was created and because it is important that the minimum wage also pushes the private sector because it is the only which the state can do by compulsion for all. And necessarily at the moment when the minimum wage increases, all corrections must be made”.

And in this aspect, with the increases through 2 stages, the salary of a 9-year-old education teacher will go to about 950 thousand old Lek and for high school teachers to about 1 million old Lek.

“We have made a 2-step plan which will start now and close next year to realize this increase. A 7% increase was foreseen for teachers and doctors, so we will increase it by 7%. Then in the next step, next year, your salary will jump to another level. If today the monthly increase will be between 3,500 for 9-year school teachers, 3,843 for secondary school teachers and up to 5,000 for principals, in the general increase teachers in the 9-year school will have salaries of 95,550 Lek and teachers in the secondary 106800 Lek. These are the basics, then there are seniority and qualifications. But this is the salary level of teachers. It’s almost double the salary you had when we started this endeavor together. We are in a new phase in all aspects of the state’s financial parameters”, stressed Prime Minister Edi Rama. /broread