Veliaj for Rama: We have a fantastic report! Who made us swim, let us not swim

22:09 12/04/2023

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, spoke this evening on “Milori Live” on Klan News about his relationship with Prime Minister Edi Rama. Veliaj described it as a fantastic report, adding that “whoever made us swim, let us not swim”.

Erion Veliaj: I have been talking and exchanging jokes with Ed for 20 years, in this job, outside of this job, when we were in the difficult years of the opposition. The jokes actually started at Skënderbej square. Jokes can make people who keep the joke. We do not show racism towards each other. So no one tells the other you’re a natural beauty, not these… Another thing is a party that uses insults as a way to communicate with others, another thing is two sports people who work hard, but of course also have a lot of fun. Yesterday, of course, we had the solemn part in Skënderbej square and I told him, old man, we also have this thing in Farka, because we made it a very serious thing there, that’s how the conversation started. Plus I told him that this song seems to have caught on, and we have become a group of people. Are we going crazy, he said, we are going to the village, he said, I come from the village, he said, you will take me back to the village. Came there and…

So the report is good?

Erion Veliaj: It’s fantastic. So that’s what I said to you, “who can swim for us, who can’t swim for us.”“.

We remember that yesterday with the opening of the campaign in Tirana, the head of the government Edi Rama did not spare good words for Erion Veliaj. Even at the party organized at the Lake after the official opening of the campaign, the two exchanged jokes with each other.

“And Lali Erin, who was born in a shirt, is understood, and they all love her, because we don’t love her only, who come here and give her trees for the campaign. Yes, they love him and those who regularly donate to the most tired candidate, I don’t know how this happens. Even this time, they have found a candidate who seems to have lost the accordion“, Rama said on Tuesday./broread