Bejko: In the race to save the honor of the DP, Berisha declare his resignation and leave

19:21 18/04/2023

“In front of us we have the trinomial of the Albanian transition that you voted for one, you get all three”

Enkelejd Alibeajt’s Democratic Party candidate for Tirana, Roland Bejko, at the opening of the campaign in the capital city, has accused Berisha, Meta and Rama because, according to him, they cooperate together for personal interests.

During his speech, Bejko also had several messages for the chief democrat Berisha, whom he asked to resign because, according to him, this is in the best interests of the Democratic Party.

Roland Bejko: Here we part with the past and look to the future. Tirana is the city that has welcomed us all with open arms. I want to tell you that I feel honored and respected as the candidate of Tirana for the DP. This is the most correct and fairest decision I have made in my political career because it has to do with my character. I don’t run away from Democrats and battles. I am one of you ordinary democrats who fought for the DP and never benefited from it. I look at politics as a mission and not as a profit, that’s how I always will be, just like all of you who are here.

The second reason is how could I, all of us, accept that the democrats in Tirana, in the capital of Albania, were represented in this election by a non grata such as Sali Berisha. I am in this race to save the honor and history of the DP from slipping into the hands of a political predator such as Meta. This is a historical betrayal, a stab in the back that Sali Berisha has introduced to the democrats and to Albania. This is the greatest political disloyalty to the honest democrats who have been our friends since the day this force was created. I have a message for you, Berisha: Stop attacking the DP, stop hindering the DP in its mission to take Albania to Europe. Sali Berisha removed his fingers from the eyes of the democrats, removed his hands and let the democrats and the Albanians win and remove from power this evil duo, Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj. DP is not your personal or family property, but it is the contribution of thousands of democrats from the day of its foundation until today. The right cannot be destroyed with you and by you. You have an obligation to respect them for 30 seconds by resigning. Declare your resignation and leave because you are on a hopeless path. The Democrats of Albania do not want to go to Ilir Meta and from Ilir Meta to Edi Rama.

As a democrat for 30 years since the founding of the DP, I ask you to free people from the shackles of obligation, of previous honors, of gratitude, of history, of nostalgia and emotion. You know very well that you will never win. You yourself have said that Rama does not need Basha, but me. You are the past, so allow the DP to join and win. The change of Albania, the influence to improve the life of the Albanians is in the hand of only the Albanians.

He also accused Mayor Veliaj and the “Together We Win” coalition candidate for Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, whom he said are photocopies of each other.

Roland Bejko: The 3rd reason has to do with the fact that our candidacy in Tirana is the only right-wing alternative in these elections. All others are left flags. We will come out with our heads held high and victorious. I believe in our common success that starts from Tirana. I also have a message for Rama: Edi Rama, give up the destruction of Tirana, the violence against Tirana, from using it as a manor for personal interests. Tirana should be our dignified presentation of our culture in the world. Tirana cannot even be the toy given to Rama to play with.

Veliaj has not won any political battle with his forces. His popularity is free, supported, he is his master’s apprentice after no record. Veliaj is ordered to sign a construction permit without asking that it is reducing the air of the city. These are only to enrich themselves at the expense of Albanian citizens. Veliaj, the most characterless politician I have seen in these 32 years, he leads the Municipal Police to a mother who sells vegetables. I tell you that it is the worst example and the most wrong model that the citizens of Tirana can choose. He stole the money of the citizens of Tirana.

In front of us we have the trinomial of the Albanian transition: if you voted for one, you get all three. They have stuck their claws in Albania. This political oligarchy is supported by the financial oligarchy. Veliaj is their most worthy representative. Veliaj distributes building permits for their clan. The LSI candidate is being used as a lever of the old policy, therefore both Belo and Lali are photocopies of each other. If Belua loses, neither Rama nor Berisha nor Meta will lose, but only the disappointed democrats who will vote for him for the last time will lose. The trinity Rama-Berisha and Meta are together and the interests are related to the constructions of Veliaj’s Tirana. See what they are doing to your properties in Tirana.

We are confident in our battle that we will succeed because we will ask for the vote of those who cannot stand this political case that has taken their breath away for years. We will win for another reason because we, together with the drafters of our program for Tirana, have our own vision and alternative for Tirana. My vision for Tirana is not based on free buses and over 2 million trees, but real, like political morality and honesty. We are for a Tirana, a welcoming city that is ready to host students, kindergartens and schools not far from homes. We are for a Tirana where food markets are not a monopoly.broread