Bejko: 70% of Albanians reject the corrupt political class

20:18 20/04/2023

Bejko: Let’s punish Veliaj, Berisha and Meta with a vote

Convinced of the May 14 victory, Roland Bejko, during a meeting he held with the candidates for the Municipal Council, said that the polls speak in favor of the victory of the Democratic Party, headed by Enkelejd Alibeaj.

“Because, according to all surveys, over 70 percent of Albanian citizens reject the corrupt political class, which is represented by the Rama, Berisha, Meta triangle. In these conditions in front of them, we are different from them.”

Unlike his rivals in the race, he said that he is not a hostage to anyone.

“We are not hostages of the oligarchy, we do not carry crimes or corruption on our shoulders. We have no records of cooperation with organized crime, with the criminal economy.”

On May 14, citizens are invited to vote to punish the trinomial Veliaj-Berisha-Meta.

“Their vote is enough and these three are eliminated. Erion Veliaj is eliminated, Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta are eliminated and the candidate of the Democratic Party wins, if they really want to expel them and not accept them.”

Bejko said that he has an ambitious vision for Tirana, which starts with removing the claws of the oligarchy from constructions in the capital.