Manastirliu: 22 thousand health professionals benefit from the salary increase policy

09:56 20/04/2023

The Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu has announced today after the government meeting that the salary increase for employees in the health system will continue.

Manastirliu emphasized that there are about 22,000 health professionals who benefit from this salary increase policy. She added that in 2024, salary increases will continue in a targeted manner for family doctors and nurses.

“Doctors, nurses are the backbone of the health service and our focus for strengthening this system has been on supporting and empowering health professionals. We have done this from the beginning by increasing and strengthening all aspects of work in health, starting from investments, from support through salary increases that are truly historic from the point of view of their growth.

We have increased the salaries for doctors and nurses by 63% and already through the government’s decision, through the salary increase reform, we will have the historic increase in salaries for specialist doctors, 50 thousand lek per month for each doctor who works in our hospital structures. and polyclinics throughout the country. We will have a 7% increase for general practitioners and nurses and medical science technicians and we will have an increase for all those employees who work in the administration of local health care unit structures, an increase that will be from 25 up to 50%, thus creating a salary hierarchy that reflects the large increase.

Of course, we will not stop here because we have a concrete plan for continuing to increase the salaries of health professionals. We will continue to raise salaries for 2024 for family doctors and nurses, where there will again be a targeted salary increase for them. About 22 thousand health professionals benefit from the entire salary increase policy, and this increase is worth the motivation, increasing the dignity of our employees in the health system. It will undoubtedly bring an increase in health services and certainly addresses the challenges of the time”Manastirliu said./broread