Rama: Within the mandate, the minimum salary will be 45 thousand Lek

13:37 24/04/2023

In a meeting with employees of the construction sector, Prime Minister Rama reiterated the call for businesses to raise wages.

During his speech, Prime Minister Rama stated that within his governing mandate, the minimum wage will go from the old 40,000 Lek to the old 45,000 Lek.

Rama has stated that the salary increase is not a wish, but an opportunity as he added that the government has measured all the steps and that is why it is in this process.

Edi Rama: The reason we are here to reiterate the call to businesses to follow the example of the best, such as this company, and continue to raise wages is because the moment is so critical. There is growing alarm about the unfulfillment of jobs with working wings as there are no longer enough young people in Germany that the German economy needs to continue to be what it is. The race to attract workers to your side will be the race of every country, and Germany has been trying for a long time to have as many as possible, and it needs millions that the internal birth process no longer gives it.

We are at the point that is now the moment of the big turning point and thankfully, the government has managed to make the big turning point after overcoming the earthquakes, pandemics, war problems for which we continue to pay every month. We have started a historic salary increase that has started now and will be closed within a year so far and brings the average salary to 900 Euros in the public sector which is almost a doubling of the salary. We can do this today, we managed to manage all these crises and push the economy forward.

Raising wages is not a wish, but an opportunity. We have measured our steps very well and therefore we have moved slowly in this process. Now the growth is massive and it’s all over the horizon. Today, we have the average salary in the region and we will continue to increase it, we will definitely bring it to 45,000 within the mandate, and we cannot sleep without going to 60,000. We refuse to stand idly by if businesses, or those businesses, continue to consider low wages and free labor to be their #1 competitive advantage. We will no longer award any public contracts and construction permits to any construction company that does not have decent wages. The government does not give you the opportunity to enter the tender at all, nor can you be a subcontractor with abusive wages to employees./broread