Rama: There is no cooperation with non-women elected officials

12:10 26/04/2023

“The result, reward for the work we have done”

From the Presidency meeting, Edi Rama came out convinced of the next triumph for him and the Socialist Party in the local elections of May 14.

“I believe that we will have a very meaningful result for everyone and, above all, a result that will reward us for the work we have done, as much as it will motivate us for what we have to do.”

He said that the democrats will also vote for him.

“There will be many of them, I am convinced, who will vote for our candidates.”

He compares the end for Berisha and Meta to the appendicitis that he had to remove a few days ago.

“As I removed the appendicitis, they should remove this cecum. These people are the perfume for the cecum, they are masks, they are puppets, and not for a cecum that simply represents a rotten alternative, but for a cecum that is the appendix of Albania”.

He denied having used pressure on citizens in case the opponents vote, which he said have only one goal.

“To erect barricades with the central government and treat local governments as hostages of war. Like Shkodra for example. It’s not pressure, but a way to tell people directly that cooperation will be impossible, not because we don’t want it, but because these candidates have not been put there to do their job, but to create oases of political struggle”.

He followed the irony about Belind Khelçi’s diploma with the latter’s poster.

“You might as well raise your middle finger at some point. These are things that pass. But to give face to the faces of the past, who are on the battlefield to take the country’s future hostage for their personal grudges, is not intolerable”.

According to the Prime Minister, on May 14, the power of cooperation between the central and local governments is established.