Rama-lushnjare: Don’t vote for Colin and Loli who have become together out of trouble with justice!

18:58 10/05/2023

The Socialist Party has closed its campaign in Lushnje and Divjakë this Wednesday.

Present, the Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama did not spare the ironies towards Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta, who are competing in these elections together with the opposition coalition “Together We Win”.

“That’s why I’m begging you all those who have a right heart. There is no problem that you believe that we are not worthy to govern Albania. No problem. Who think there might be a better choice than Eriselda here, which there isn’t, but that’s okay. Don’t embarrass yourself, don’t embarrass your family, don’t embarrass the memory of your forefathers who were killed and maimed for the west by going and supporting a black page that there in Himara has brought out all its essence, which is the black page of to two people who have joined each other like Coli and Loli, not for Albania, not for the municipalities, not for the people, not for the left, not for the right, not for the citizens, not for the elderly, not for the young, not for women, not for men, but only for their great trouble with justice.

Only for their great trouble with their past that they now have all in front of them. That’s why they want to pull us back so that we too go after the beriah and deal with their past and cover up their past. Their past is not covered. Justice delays, but never forgets, the people say. Justice in Albania has delayed so much that it has broken our souls, but every day it delays less and less, every day there is less chance to delay.”

Rama expressed himself convinced of the victory, adding that the opposition will come out on May 16 to accuse the majority of stealing votes.

“And I assure you that they…remember what I am telling you, if on the night of May 14, if on the afternoon of May 15, on May 16 you have them shouting, they stole our votes, they robbed us. The narco-state, the criminals, bought them!”

The chief socialist emphasized the right-wing voters who, according to him, regardless of their political beliefs, will be part of the country’s progress under the direction of his government.

“Because they have no chance and their strategy is to get caught like a drowned person trying to drown you, and no one from the right-wing voters should become a straw to catch them. To take the honor of that voter because for the right-wingers the issue is very much resolved, our candidates will be voted for, Eriselda will be voted for who will serve the same as the left-wingers and for our right-wingers if they are parents, nurseries, kindergartens, schools we have built them and we will continue to build them. They have only destroyed them. If they are family members who live in the city, Eriselda will continue to clean the road in front of the palace the same way, if they are in the village, the irrigation channels will be kept clean as well.

Because these right-wingers of ours were born with a shirt, they shout Rama goes, and I stay and continue Albania progresses for them as well as for you. So there is no problem at all if they don’t vote for us, because the SP is so big, so strong that it doesn’t need to get bigger again to win and do all that it says. But, it is very important for the country, the dignity of this flag and for the future of the right which interests us simply as citizens, if they want them to become competitive one day, if they really want to challenge the Socialist Party they must learn a lesson big, which the black face that has covered their ears and eyes and made their mouth like a parrot does not let them take it out.

The lesson is very simple, we must understand that they must become as strong as us, become as organized as us, and they must understand that they must have this same ability as us to win the hearts and minds of the majority. Otherwise, putting the blame on those who have and winning the elections and according to them we take them without right, they will continue to lose worse and worse, and worse! I thank you all for all the support and I assure you that in the next 4 years we will do for Lushnja and Divjaka here because we still have great work to do and Lushnja and Divjaka are like two twins who will walk hand in hand. I have said this in every election and what we have said we have done, and that is why we are the majority.”/broread