Celibashi: Presence of unauthorized persons in the VC, intimidation of voters. Police to act

13:55 14/05/2023

The Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Ilirjan Celibashi, has raised the concern of unauthorized persons inside some voting centers in the country.

In a statement to the media, he says that the presence of these people is considered by the CEC as intimidation of voters and has asked the police to take measures.

Anyone who does not leave, Celibashi emphasized, will bear legal responsibility.

“We, as the CEC, consider the presence of unauthorized persons in the reception areas as intimidation and pressure on the voters, so it is the case that the authorities, starting with the police or the Zonal Electoral Commission, address this as a concern and take appropriate measures. It is unacceptable that citizens who are not related to that voting center continue to stay in the indoor premises where voting takes place. They should be emptied immediately. Immediately! And anyone who refuses to respond to the call of the CEC will be held accountable”said chief commissioner Ilirjan Calibashi.

Celibashi also spoke about several other denunciations that have been made to the CEC.

“Regarding paint, we are witnessing that this history of paint is brought to attention. It is difficult to say now how long this problem is. In general, the voting process went normally, I think that the issue of biometric identification has also been overcome. It remains to be verified that 77% of the voting centers have started working, in these 502 voting centers, for what reason we had this situation. In all the rest, the process of electronic identification is going very well”.

According to the chief commissioner, 77% of the voting centers started work at 07:00, another 13% started at 07:30, 11% after 08:00. The latter are mainly those centers where there were problems with biometric identification through technology.

“For several hours, there are zero polling stations in which the quorum is missing. The process is going smoothly and without technical problems. Two voting centers in Devoll had problems, 2 boxes were damaged. From communication with the State Police, we have a formation for 2 incidents, one in Fushë-Kruje and another with the operator of the electronic identification device in Dibër. There are 14 complaints administered so far by the CEC through the application. They are mainly related to the irregularities of the actions of the members of the voting center commissions, problems of access by persons with disabilities”.