Counting for the municipal council is closed, SP dominates Tirana

14:25 17/05/2023

The process of counting votes for the municipal council also ends in Tirana. Most mandates, to be exact 34 such, go for Socialist Party.

The coalition “Together we win“, received 15 mandates. The Democratic Party of Alibeaj received 4 mandates, the Social Democratic Party 3 mandates.

While the Joint Movement, the Thurje Initiative, the Justice, Integration and Unity Party, the Progressive Alliance L.ZH.K and the Albanian Republican Party each received 1 mandate.

To familiarize yourself with the results for the municipal councils, CLICK on the link: https://lojje2023.broread/keshilli

-To get acquainted with the results for mayors, CLICK on the link: https://jojje2023.broread/