Mediu: DP to enter a process where the parties must accept each other

20:35 19/05/2023

The head of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, says that the Democratic Party should enter into a process where the parties accept each other.

Invited to “Milori Live” on Klan News, Mediu says that the right should not be bargained with and that the divided opposition has come as a result of following the personal interests of some individuals and not because of ideas.

Fatmir Mediu: We contributed to giving Rama the opportunity to disrupt the system. I have been busy for a long time to bring the parties together, I want to tell you that Bardhi, Tabaku, insisted that within what was different, that we had a candidate, in the face of this campaign, that we had a candidate . I don’t want to talk about Alibej, his judgment was his own. We should look at the relationship as a process and not as a thing to see. The point is to overcome the mass of our supporters, to create what is the common interest of Albanians and Albania. We have a responsibility to act together and there needs to be a person who brings the parties together. DP must enter into a process where the parties must accept each other. All are valid from an electoral point of view. There is room for union.

If a new party has to be created, it does not get 51%, we will never form the government alone. Then we have to create cooperation with other opposition parties. If the party is created for the benefit of a few individuals, it is of no use to anyone. The factionalized opposition did not come because of ideas, but because of personal interests. The time has come to see what contribution we are to bring Albania to a new stage. Right cannot be bargained. PD must convince itself that it is capable of winning the elections. There is a cooperation within the different, different, but together. The right must be a free competition with open lists and everyone can say who will be where and what they will lead./broread