A Hitler, municipal councilor in Mat

21:20 20/05/2023

Hitler Kurti was elected under the banner of the FRD in the May 14 elections

A Hitler, will make decisions on behalf of the citizens of Mati. He was elected councilor of the local parliament in the May 14 elections. Hitler Kurti has campaigned, gaining the trust of the citizens under the slogan of the New Democratic Spirit Party. Despite the meaning of his name, there was no obstacle for the citizens to be their representative.

Hitler Kurti received 545 votes or over 4.2% of the votes thus winning the only mandate from this political force for the council. He was born in 1996 in Burrel, his parents, unhindered by any specific law in Civil Status, decided to name their baby Hitler.

The 27-year-old has no criminal record, but he bears the name of the man who stormed the world during World War II and exterminated millions of Jews in Germany’s gas chambers.

In Albania, in 2002, the first changes were made to the Civil Status law on prohibited names for children. But even in this list of sanctions, the name Hitler is not prohibited. Based on this law, the Central Election Commission has approved his name in the list of candidates for the municipal council.

Klan News sought comment from the New Democratic Spirit Party on the candidacy decision, but did not receive a response.

In many countries of the world, not only is this name forbidden, but no one would dare to name a child after a Nazi who committed the most inhumane massacres. However, in the birthplace of King Ahmet Zogu I, there is a Hitler.

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