“BF” appeal request KAS: Elections in Kamez to be repeated

20:38 23/05/2023

Through an official letter, the opposition coalition “Bashke Fitomje” asks the Appeals and Sanctions Commission to oppose the results for the Kamëz municipality as far as the local elections are concerned.

Second, the computer expertise of every electronic device by foreign experts, the inspection of cameras inside and outside the voting centers, the recounting and reevaluation of votes. At the end of all requests, BF requests that the elections for the mayor and Kamez municipal councils be repeated with traditional voting.

The “Together We Win” coalition claims that manipulations were carried out in the voting centers for the Kamëz municipality in the counting of votes.

A few days ago, the candidate of this coalition for the Kamëz municipality, Arjan Hoxha, came out in protest in front of the CEC opposing the result. In a statement to the media, Hoxha said with conviction that the votes in Kamez on May 14 were stolen in a massive way. And for this reason, he said that he will not give up until the verification of the ballot papers is done and the full expertise of the electoral process is carried out.

We remind you that the majority candidate Rakip Suli won the election results with 60.5% of the votes. The result was announced by counting in 111 Voting Centers.

Below is the full appeal request: