Basha: May 14, the date of the final expiration of the political system in Albania

17:32 24/05/2023

Lulzim Basha returned to a public meeting after more than 1 year after resigning from the position of the chairman of the Democratic Party. He was with the young people this Wednesday where he stopped to talk about Albanian politics. He emphasized that politics has shown that it recycles the old. According to Basha, a system should be created that gives space and competition to the youth. Therefore, for this reason, it was stated that May 14, the day of the local elections, was the date of the final scandation of the political system in Albania.

“It’s been a long time since people’s troubles and problems have been talked about. How can the youth, which is the lifeblood of society, is its marrow, engage when no space is given to engage. In general, politics has shown that instead of paving the way, i.e. not recycling the old, but circulating the elites, it does the opposite, it recycles the old. How will space be created for the young if the old is endlessly recycled? How will the road be opened for young people? Will this depend on the personal will of the leader? Is this the way to solve things? Or will we create a system that gives space and competition to youth.

I’m for the latter. I believe that politics at this moment has lost any right to demand trust from society, but it must give trust to society. He must give confidence to the youth and not with words, but with deeds. I think that May 14 is the date of the final expiration of the political system in Albania. Of the political system built after the constitutional changes of 2008. Changes made at that time by the prime minister of the time with the leader of the opposition at the time, both are still in the political scene who narrowed the decision-making in a few hands. Who made it impossible for the Albanian citizens to choose who they want as deputies”. said Basha.

Lulzim Basha remained at the head of the DP for 9 years. On March 21 of last year he resigned. In his resignation, he admitted that the Democratic Party was in a deep crisis and therefore decided to resign from his post as chairman of the Democratic Party, to pave the way for the unification of the Democrats./broread