Berisha: The farce of May 14, unprecedented phenomena in the history of elections in Albania

12:26 26/05/2023

In the weekly conference with journalists, the chief democrat Berisha has stated again that he does not know the result of the May 14 elections.

During his speech, the chairman of the DP, Berisha, listed his claims as to why he does not know the local elections, which he calls “farce”.

Berisha says that in these elections there were manipulations on an unimaginable scale and that according to him, there were phenomena never seen in the 32-year history of elections.

Sali Berisha: Post-election complaints are a common routine, but the elections, but the farce of May 14, 2023, had specifics and phenomena never seen in the 32-year history of elections in Albania. Thus, for the first time in the history of elections in Albania, the Electoral Code was announced publicly and officially at the beginning of the campaign by Edi Rama, the Chinese party, which means that they do not exist for him.

Therefore, the Constitution and the Electoral Code were replaced in hundreds and thousands of cases with their will to win at any cost and at any price. On the eve of the election campaign, the heads of 61 commissariats are invited to the banquet to show that the State Police would be on his side. Edi Rama and his subordinates appointed the chairman of the opposition coalition and for no reason did not accept the chairman of this coalition, only to damage this coalition as much as possible as they were afraid and terrified of Sali Berisha and his name.

Edi Rama, for the first time in history, sent the envelope with 50,000 ALL to 680,000 pensioners. Edi Rama increased the salaries of tens of thousands of pensioners in the middle of the electoral campaign. It is the first time that a municipal candidate has been arrested on the eve of voting. It is the first time that 1.3 million voters have had their polling station changed without any warning. It is the first time that the election commissions were 6 to 1 or 7 to 0 for the government. As never before, the administration turned into an electoral police. They terrorized tens of thousands of citizens and businesses across the country./broread